Kansas survivor remembers Holocaust

TOPEKA (KSNT) - This month marks 70 years since 20,000 prisoners were freed from Buchenwald Concentration Camp. And today more than a hundred people came to the Kansas State Historical Museum to honor survivors and veterans.

More than a hundred people were at the Kansas State Historical Museum. Honoring those who fought, died and survived the Holocaust.

People like Hildegard (Hill-Duh-Guard) Trout, who by the age of 13 lived a life of fear and injustice, "The Nazi's made us get down on the streets with a tooth brush and scrap the sidewalks." Trout says the Holocaust left her family with nothing, which gave them only one choice. "We left, we packed just a little suit case you know."

From the struggle and fear of living through the holocaust trout says it taught her a lot and allowed her to pass down experiences to her daughter. "She's taught us that everything can always be worse and to always look for the good side," says Phyllis Lansford. And it's days like today that help Phyllis understand more about her mom and what she went through, "these are very special occasions because I know how much this means to her."

Organizers say they hope this service inspires Kansans to stick up to prejudice and injustice.



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