Sen. Pat Roberts talks briefly with Wichita protesters

John Asebes, KSNW-TV - WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) Senator Pat Roberts and Congressman Roger Marshall were in Wichita to talk with constituents.

It was a planned event at the rotary club, but an unplanned conversation also happened outside with some frustrated protesters.

"Roberts would not show for his town hall meeting last night," says Connie Mann.

The group was upset that Roberts didn't attend a meeting that was organized by concerned citizens the night before.

Roberts took the opportunity today to respond.

"I drove up and got out of the car, they were a little surprised to see me get out of the car and we had a good discussion," says Roberts.

"I think he was elected by the citizens of Kansas and he has a responsibility to listen to all Kansas, not just people who agree with him," says Mann.

Roberts said he welcomes those exercising their first amendment rights and he wanted to hear from them. That includes people like, Janet Schoentrup

"I taught school in Kansas for 35 years," says Schoentrup.

Now retired, she says she's concerned about how decisions in D.C. could impact her day-to-day life.

"One of my main concerns, I am retired and I am depending on social security, and Medicare."

Roberts did make his way inside after he says the group was unable to speak with him in an orderly fashion.

He joined Congressman Roger Marshall and discussed taxes, health care, and immigration among many things.

But Roberts also took note, literally, of one of the protesters outside and says he plans to call her back.

"She was very upset rural community medicine so am I," says Roberts. "She wrote it on my hand and I will get back to her."

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