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Back to School Week: Silver Lake Junior-Senior High School

SILVER LAKE, Kan. (KSNT) - It's day two of Back to School Week in Northeast Kansas. Tuesday, KSNT is featuring Silver Lake Junior-Senior High School.

Silver Lake Junior-Senior High School is seeing some major changes ahead of Wednesday's first day of school. The biggest change of all, however, is the school's change in schedule.

For the last 20 years, the school has been on an all block schedule. This year, the school is incorporating a blended scheduled.

Monday, Thursday and Friday students will be on a regular schedule, while Tuesday and Wednesday will remain on the block schedule.

"A big benefit to that we believe is the opportunity for students to see their teachers more each week than they were on a rotating block," Silver Lake High School Principal Brad Womack said.

It's important to note the change in schedule will not change the start or end time of school.

The school is seeing some other exciting changes and announcements this year as well. The plans are currently underway for a student-run greenhouse.

Womack said the greenhouse should be ready by the end of this semester.

"Our goal and our plan, our vision is that our K12 students will be involved in the green house and with not only the greenhouse itself, but with outdoor raised gardens and different things like that where they can experience science hands on," said Womack.

Another exciting announcement this year is that students and staff will have Monday Aug. 21 off for the solar eclipse. The school is treating the day as a snow day and will not make it up unless they run short of total hours required for the year.

You can view the lunch menu for the first day of school by clicking here.




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