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Family wants answers a week after police shot and killed Topeka man

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Exactly one week ago, police shot and killed Dominique White.

Thursday night, White's family and friends gathered for his wake at the Bowser-Johnson Funeral Chapel.

As they prepare to lay him to rest, they said they will not rest until they get the answers they're looking for.

"I still can't believe it. it's like a nightmare," said Tristin Joyce, White's cousin.

Police shot and killed White after they say he attempted to run from officers and reached for his gun.

Joyce said he doesn't believe his cousin had a gun and wants to see the bodycam footage.

"We're not going to quit until we figure it out," Joyce said.

However Shawnee County District Attorney, Mike Kagay, said releasing the video goes against Kansas law.

"For me to arbitrarily decide I'm going to break the rules this one time just because there is so much interest would be a breach of my ethical responsibility and that's not something I'm going to do," said Kagay.

Kagay said an investigation like this could take weeks or even months to conclude.

"I would ask for everyone to be patient and let the investigation unfold," he said. "We take it all very seriously and we're going to go step by step and do things the right way and ultimately make the right decision when we have all the information."

The Lawrence Police department is conducting the investigation to help ensure transparency.

LPD said the investigation is ongoing and doesn't have a timeline for its completion.

For now, Joyce said he just wishes he could have more time with his cousin.

"I just want to be with him. I just want him next to me. I want to be able to have the times we used to have together," he said.

White's funeral services will be held Friday morning at 11:00 at Bowser-Johnson Funeral Chapel located at 723 SW 6th Avenue in Topeka.

KSNT News filed an open records request for the body cam footage.

The city said they can't release it because according to Kansas Law, any information that could impact a criminal investigation will not be released. Information that could put people in danger is also exempt.

The city says it's concerned about the safety of the officers involved.



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