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Filmmaking resumes in Manhattan after police mix-up

MANHATTAN, Kan (KSNT)  -  Filmmakers are back to work in Manhattan after an incident with local law enforcement temporarily shut down production. On Monday, actor Charles Sutterlin was shooting a scene for the movie "Objects in the Mirror." In the scene his character, Graham Hoffman, goes into Della Voce in downtown Manhattan with a gun.

"I stepped outside a few times and then one time I came out an officer engaged me and told me to show my hands," said Sutterlin.

Riley County Police had received a call about a suspicious person. Sutterlin's fellow filmmakers watched from inside the restaurant as he was asked to get down on the ground with his hands above his head.

"The police shouted Go back in the building! Go back in the building! Go back in the building," said director Hal Dace.

Dace went outside and attempted to diffuse the situation. He told officers that he'd informed RCPD about the filming, but admits he may have given them too much information.

"I had just given them the full schedule and told them oh by the way there's guns in this movie," said Dace.

Dace said he's now given RCPD a more precise list of scenes where the gun will be present. He's also informed Downtown Manhattan Inc. and plans to have crew stationed up and down the block to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Both Sutterlin and Dace agree that the officers were just doing their job. They laugh about the incident now, especially as Sutterlin recalls the compliment one officer gave him after it was all over.

"He said it was great the way you cooperated and he thanked me and I said well I just didn't want to get shot," said Sutterlin.



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