New Kansas gun laws take effect July 1st

MANHATTAN (KSNT) - Starting July 1st,  you can openly carry a gun or carry it concealed down the sidewalks of Kansas communities, without any permits or mandatory training. It's a change that Kansans are going to need to get used too.

"Carrying a gun in a holster… it's not a violation of the law,  it's no different if they were in there with a dog in their purse," says Sgt. Scott Hagemeister with the Riley County Police Department.

Previously, a business owner could simply post a sign in the door or window saying "no guns allowed".

Now, they have three choices. One bans everything, another allows open carry but not concealed, the third lets you carry a concealed weapon but you can't carry it openly.

Finally, "You can put up no signs which basically says 'I'm willing to allow someone to open carry or conceal carry," says Hagemeister. He spent part of the day explaining to these businessmen their options - and what to do if a customer doesn't follow the sign.

When dealing with someone who walks into a business with a gun, police told them recommended to take the gun  out of the situation to evaluate whether you feel safe. Put another way, if there a problem with the customer other than the gun, like alcohol or erratic behavior then you should call the police.

"We have the right to provide service to who we want to provide service to and if asked to leave then you need to  leave," says  Gail  Urban a financial advisor.

We caught up with Kacie Scurlock at a local gun shop. She owns several guns and says most gun owners are well aware of the new law. "If there is no signs I continue on into em, but if there are signs I will put my weapon into my car or I will not enter the facility at all," says Scurlock.

And shop owners in Manhattan and elsewhere, hope that's the attitude all the state's gun owners will have. For more information CLICK HERE.



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