New study suggests drinking may be good for your health

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) -- Is drinking alcohol good for your health? A new study out says that this may be the case.

A new research study from the University of California said people who drink two glasses of wine or beer a day lower their chances of dying at a young age.

The study also found that 15 to 45 minutes of daily exercise also lowered the chances of death.

Kevin Tietz, a trainer at The Summit gym in Lawrence, found the research credible but thinks you can't beat a great workout.

"Fitness is incredibly important and vastly more important than thinking about whether or not I'll have a glass of alcohol a day or not," Tietz said. "And I think that will have a much better effect in long-term health."

As a physical therapy trainer and health advocate, Tietz recognized the science behind the study but is skeptical on which parts of your body it impacts.

"I think the challenge is does that have psychological chemicals in itself, or perhaps is there a sociological effect that it has on a person that affects your psychology as well," Tietz said.

Much of the research is still in its infancy but one neurologist and avid gym goer, Dr. Paul Morte, agrees that it's helpful to work up a sweat.

"Of the two I kinda prefer exercise, however, the evidence does show, surprisingly that a small amount of alcohol, we're talking about one alcoholic beverage a day, seems to be associated with longevity," Dr. Morte said.

He said this affects to diminish cardiovascular disease, but also thinks it's still important to drink responsibly.

"The problem is though, I won't recommend people start drinking," Dr. Morte said. If they already drink and stay with one drink, it may help. The problem is people start drinking and it's really hard to stay with one drink."



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