We've Got Your Back: Keep your air conditioner running

TOPEKA, Kan, (KSNT) -- As hot as it already is, temperatures are expected to keep reaching the triple digits throughout the season. So what happens when your air conditioner breaks down?

Here are just a couple of tips to keeping your AC from crashing:

  • Cleaning your air conditioning unit is essential to keep your unit running and your home cool. It's essential to keep it working but not everyone does it.
  • Change your filter regularly.
  • Check the refrigerant levels with special gauges to make sure the refrigerant level is adequate. This process helps troubleshoot the unit. Clear debris and leafs from around the condenser coils to get an accurate reading. This process helps troubleshoot the unit.
  • Keep a close eye on insulation around the ducts. Insulation and sealing leaks can help prevent energy loss.
  • Also make sure to look out for the capacitor on a hot day. Sometimes capacitors can reach their limits and overheat. A capacitor is a device that is designed to store energy and provide it to your air conditioner during every cooling cycle.
  • Have them serviced every year.



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