Why advertise with one partner?

So what do you watch? The most popular television show in television – Sunday Night Football? That’s on our schedule! We also have FOX NFL Football, College Football, Major League Baseball and NASCAR. What’s your favorite show? The Voice? It’s on our schedule, too! Or, is it The Bachelor, The Masked Singer, This Is Us, America’s Got Talent, or New Amsterdam? We’ve got those, also. We also have some of the coolest hit syndicated programming in Northeast Kansas, like Ellen, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Harry, Family Feud, and Big Bang Theory. We also give our demanding audience groundbreaking network programs from The CW Network, including the smash sensations Flash, Jane the Virgin, Arrow as well as Supergirl. Our Emmy award winning Prime is preceded and followed by the award-winning newscasts, KSNT News.

Television offers any business the opportunity to be seen and heard by utilizing sight, sound, and motion to plant ideas and emotions. No other form of advertising has the ability to reach 99% of all homes and the ability to target a specific demographic of people based on their viewing habits. TV gives an advertiser the ability to convey a different message with the same advertising campaign. There is not a more efficient way to reach a mass audience than that of TV.

So what do you watch? What does your customers watch? We provide programming that reaches all demographics, all season. People, customers, do not watch one station. Do you? We give you the best opportunity, through one partner, to reach customers as they turn the dial from favorite show, to favorite show. We also provide multiple ways to reach your customers when they’re away from the television, by providing multiple online and Smartphone opportunities. This is especially important for young viewers. Why is it important to reach young viewers? Because in a business environment like today’s, it is vital that advertisers reach younger, uncommitted consumers as soon as possible. Studies show that as people age, they are less likely to be open to trying new products. In a marketplace with so many choices, it just makes sense to reach potential customers before they develop their own lifelong brand loyalties.

So you want to advertise, but you’re not the creative type? Our award-winning Creative Services team of professionals are experts in shooting, editing, and lighting commercials. Whether you have a specific idea in mind, or none at all, we can work with you to make a commercial spot that works for your business. We also have a vast array of production tools to help bring your vision to life. Whether it’s a quick and simple shoot and edit job, or a large, ongoing commercial campaign, we are here to serve our advertisers. While other production companies will charge high hourly rates, and a lot for little things, we can build you a commercial and deliver it to viewers at a reasonable price.

Simply put – we provide one of the largest information and entertainment outlets in Northeast Kansas – (NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, 24/7 Weather Now, ksnt.com, KSNT News iPhone, iPad and Android apps) – and the best opportunity, through one partner, to reach your customers!


Contact: Johnny Faith

Director of Sales Phone: (785) 582-3202 Email:jfaith@ksnt.com

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