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Release the Deepest Pains from a Twin Flame Connection, Heal Core Wounds and Transition to a Higher, Unconditional Love

My Twin Flame Journey

My Twin Flame Journey of Separation, Surrender, and Release is an enlightening memoir that presents the deepest pain and highest love along V.C. Pitt's path.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Having a magnetic attraction that is unexplained and different from other experiences is rare. Maybe they feel like home, but they also challenge their counterpart emotionally beyond a normal relationship. Experiencing a connection that transcends time and space, means that one may have found a Twin Flame.

Twin Flames trigger and elicit strong emotional reactions. They are the ones who can understand a person in ways that no one else does. These souls cause the deepest core childhood wounds and adult traumas to be exposed, which need to be healed. They turn one's life upside down and this is exactly what happened to V.C. Pitt.

My Twin Flame Journey of Separation, Surrender, and Release is an enlightening memoir that presents the deepest pain and highest love along V.C. Pitt's path. It is a story about unconditional love on her Twin Flame journey as a Divine Feminine. Twin Flames are a spiritual past-life connection. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are two halves of the same soul that mirror, and separation is a stage that brings one to experience a Dark Night of the Soul. It teaches we must love ourselves, because how can one truly love without feeling that towards self?

This journey has strengthened V.C. Pitt's spiritual faith in God and unwavering trust in the Universe. She lived a traditional life and had been married for over 20 years when she became awakened and fully connected with her Twin Flame. It shook her existence and everything she had known and accepted in her lifetime. After a divorce, an exposed affair, and harassment, her core wounds were open like a raw nerve. After experiencing loss, death, and trying to escape and numbing out, V.C. turned to spirituality and chose to heal emotional traumas. Her beliefs became stronger and she connected deeply to God.

In My Twin Flame Journey of Separation, Surrender, and Release, V.C. Pitt presents self-healing modalities to help readers heal and open their chakras. It will make them see that one is complete in its own right. Readers will become aware of all types of toxicity, including behaviors or people that need to be cleared from their lives. Develop the ability to surrender and release the Twin Flame connection to God or Source.

Forgiveness is necessary to heal. V.C. Pitt's goal with this book is to help others who are trying to heal core wounds or are caught in darkness along their Twin Flame journey. Surrender and give up control, transitioning to a higher, unconditional love for oneself and others. Become a self-actualized, true authentic self. Spiritual gifts, acceptance, and inner peace may be realized. Be ready to drop the ego and pride and heal core wounds through unconditional love.

About V.C. Pitt:
V.C. Pitt grew up in a small Southern town and is an owner of a successful medical billing company. She lives with her loving son, Roman, and challenging dog, Crystal. Her favorite places are the beach and mountains where she enjoys walking and connecting with nature. V.C. loves to watch live music shows in small venues or outdoor amphitheaters. It’s not unusual to find her at a metaphysical shop in search of a specific healing crystal or selecting a new tarot or oracle deck.

Always looking for ways to enhance her spiritual growth, she attends retreats and participates in alternative healing modalities. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a successful surgery and radiation which made her a survivor. Her goal with the book is to inspire others when they are trying to find a way out of sadness, anxiety, and depression when all seems lost.

V.C. Pitt
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