TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — A Topeka coffee shop is giving back to kids in the community.

PT’s Coffee is donating all of the proceeds from its ‘Per Aspera’ blend to the Topeka Youth Project.

The Topeka Youth Project helps kids avoid high risk behavior by engaging them in things like employment training, community service and leadership.

Interim Executive Director for the group Mark Arganbright said the money will help them find a new location and continue their programs.

“A lot of our income comes from billing grants for having those projects done,” Arganbright said. “During this time of COVID, we haven’t been able to bill. So, this is gonna help us pay a lot of bills that we’d like to catch up on and move forward with.”

They released the blend last Friday and since then, it has already sold out. However, they’re working to restock it. The fundraiser is going on until July 31.