TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Two weeks until election day and one Congressional candidate said campaign advertisements running against her are going too far.

Second Congressional District Democratic candidate and Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla called on her Republican opponent Kansas Treasurer Jake LaTurner to take down what she said are untrue ads.

“I would be damned if I let my daughters watch somebody lie about me and me sit down and take it because it’s the proper thing to do in politics,” De La Isla said.

De La Isla said that one ad where she is talking about the defund the police movement is being taken out of context.

On Tuesday morning she held a press conference pointing out other attacks that she said aren’t factual.

“He’s called me a socialist when he knows I am not. He’s called me radical when my record for the last eight years for the city of Topeka have shown the absolute opposite. He loves to call me Nancy Pelosi’s puppet when I haven’t even met the lady,” De La Isla said.

But LaTurner’s campaign is upset with some of De La Isla’s ads, including one where she compares him to former Governor Sam Brownback.

“Mayor De La Isla is arguing her words don’t mean what we all think they mean, meanwhile she is totally fabricating Jake’s position on healthcare. He has and always will continue to support covering preexisting conditions,” said Kara Zeyer with the LaTurner campaign.

The LaTurner campaign said De La Isla also has other issues that it needs to address.

“While Mayor De La Isla said that she supports the defund the police movement and has been working on doing it in Topeka for the past two years, she has never lifted a finger to defund her taxpayer financed travel budget,” Zeyer said.