KANSAS (KSNT) – A recount is underway for a constitutional amendment that failed earlier in August.

According to Whitney Tempel, director of communications and policy with the Kansas Secretary of State, a private citizen named Melissa “Missy” Leavitt has posted a $220,000 bond for a hand recount of the constitutional amendment on abortion. The deadline to file for a recount ended at 5 p.m. on Aug. 12. The recount will need to be completed by Wednesday, Aug. 17.

A fundraiser for the recount is currently live on GiveSendGo with a goal of raising $275,000. Leavitt is listed as the organizer of the fundraiser.

I am an advocate for election integrity and feel that the State of Kansas should have a full hand recount State-wide for the VALUE THEM BOTH abortion ammendment. I have seen data in the week following our election in Kansas that there were irregularities the night of August 2. The New York Times even reported using Edison data that 42 times in Kansas during our election, voting numbers declined. No candidate or issue should ever lose votes. They should only gain in votes.

Statement on GiveSendGo by Melissa Leavitt

The constitutional amendment on abortion rights in Kansas failed following the Aug. 2 Primary Election. The final numbers for the vote were 41% “Yes” and 59% “No.”

To see the fundraiser for the recount on GiveSendGo, click here.

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