Congressional candidates argue over funding for Topeka Police

Capitol Bureau

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The debate over the defund the police movement has dominated the conversation, as well as the advertisements on our televisions, in the Second District Congressional race in Kansas.

Republican Jake LaTurner has said Democratic nominee and mayor of Topeka, Michelle De La Isla wants to defund the police. De La Isla has denied the accusation.

LaTurner pointed to there being less people employed by the department since De La Isla began as a city council member until now as mayor. She was first elected to the council in 2013.

“Violent crime is up 40 percent while police personnel has gone down by 10 percent, so the facts are very clear on this, it really isn’t debatable,” LaTurner said. “This is what she has said and this is what she has done. It’s a big nationwide movement being pushed by the far left and people like us in Kansas do not support this.”

Though there are less employees in the department, funding has actually gone up during De La Isla’s tenure.

“Mr. LaTurner is becoming increasingly desperate as more lies and deception are brought to light. Kansas won’t fall for it,” said De La Isla campaign manager, Stephanie Houghton. “The facts are that under her leadership as mayor, the Topeka Police Department’s budget has increased by $5 million. It is left up to the police chief to distribute that budget within his department.”

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