TOPEKA (KSNT) – Democrats in the Kansas House and Senate have called on the leadership to create a “lawful congressional redistricting map” after a Wyandotte County judge recently ruled a redrawn congressional map violates the rights of Kansas.

Democrats do not have the power to call meetings, so they are calling on the Republican redistricting chairs to hold a meeting to address the congressional map that has been ruled on by a district court judge.

“Even if Republicans want to continue spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on frivolous appeals, the redistricting committees should meet no and adopt a map that follows the legislative guidelines and complies with the court’s ruling,” said Senator Ethan Corson.

Three lawsuits argue that Kansas lawmakers produced maps that create unconstitutional racial vote dilution. According to the ACLU, the map’s new boundaries drown out the voices of voters in Wyandotte County and in Lawrence.

“The judge’s decision was the inevitable result of a process that was deeply flawed from the outset and culminated in a map designed to silence minority voters for the next 10 years,” said Representative Tom Burroughs.