Gov. Kelly, lawmakers spar over abortion amendment

Capitol Bureau

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The governor is hitting back after lawmakers passed an anti-abortion amendment on Wednesday.

Governor Kelly held an impromptu press conference Thursday condemning how senators voted.

The Senate moved forward with a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision that women have the right to an abortion in the state. The vote was 28-12, all but one Republican voted for it.

Now Kelly is hoping the House will vote the amendment down. While Senate President Susan Wagle is hoping the amendment passes and heads to a statewide vote.

“I fear for a future in which the legislature chooses to stand between a woman and her doctor. This would throw the state back into the dark ages. Legislators in Topeka, with no medical training, have no right to make a woman’s medical decisions,” Kelly said. “I don’t think this issue should be put out for a vote. This issue is just a matter of politicians trying to interfere between a woman and her doctor.”

But Wagle said she wants to give Kansans the option to vote on the issue. She joined other lawmakers and anti-abortion advocates at a press conference shortly after Kelly’s press conference ended.

“We have reasonable restrictions in Kansas on abortions that are widely accepted by Kansans, and all we want to do is keep the right to legislate abortion in Kansas,” Wagle said.

The House has 84 Republicans and 41 Democrats. That means if the vote stays along party lines, Republicans can’t lose one vote or it would not pass, because it needs a two thirds majority. If it does pass, it would head to the ballot for a statewide vote.

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