Group turns to billboards to get legislators talking marijuana legalization

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TOPEKA, Kan. (SKNT) – A group is trying to get the attention of Kansas lawmakers on the topic of marijuana.

The group, Fire It Up Kansas, plans on having two pro-marijuana billboards electronically put up in Topeka next week in an order to make the issue front and center.

The legislative session began three weeks ago and the group’s founder said it’s past time for lawmakers to debate a marijuana legalization bill.

“Nothing’s happened, I’m not sure anything’s going to happen,” said Mike Golden, founder of the group.

So now he’s trying to reach lawmakers in a new way.

Supporters said lawmakers have discussed marijuana bills in the past, but nothing ever gets done. Legislators discussed medical marijuana last year, but a full vote wasn’t held.

Golden said lawmakers need to make both medical and recreational marijuana legal.

“I install windows all over the state, I install more than 700 a year, that’s what I do for a living,” Golden said. “I’m also an ordained minister. I’m also a cannabis consumer, one thing I’m not is a criminal. That’s the problem here, just because I’m a cannabis consumer, they label me a criminal, that’s the problem I have, that’s the problem everybody should have,” he said.

Golden said with more and more states allowing marijuana, Kansas is missing out on millions of tax dollars.

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