TOPEKA, (KSNT)- One of the most contentious statewide races in Kansas is heating up, as Election Day approaches. 

Democrat Chris Mann has beefed up his attacks on his Republican opponent Kris Kobach. In a debate Wednesday night, Mann compared Kobach to a “comic book villain.” This comes after Mann launched his first ad against the notable GOP figure this week. 

Mann’s ad starts with narration, saying, “[Kobach’s] back and his head is bigger than ever… because Kris Kobach loves Kris Kobach”

“Kris Kobach… he’s probably the most well-known politician in Kansas, and he brings about a lot of passions… both pro and con… and so, what Chris Mann is trying to do is remind people that don’t like him… why they don’t like him,” said Political analyst Bob Beatty.

Mann’s ad is the first direct attack coming from a candidate seen in the race. The ad highlights Kobach’s extensive political runs, and claims that he “wasted millions of taxpayer dollars” on lawsuits in his own interest. 

Kansas Capitol Bureau reached out to Kobach’s teams several times for comment on the claims made in the ad, but did not hear back on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Kobach is laying low. Earlier this month, a national GOP group supporting Kobach released their first ad attacking Mann, where they attempt to align him with national figures, like President Joe Biden, and issues like inflation. However, the Republican Attorney General hopeful has yet to release any ads against Mann. 

“We still may see it… but of course, we haven’t seen his ads yet. I’d be interested to see what approach he takes,” Beatty said. “Chris Mann has a bit of that advantage… a former police officer.”

“If we see attacks on Chris Mann, they may be in the form of ‘oh, he’s Joe Biden, he’s Nancy Pelosi,’ but not going that direction of he doesn’t support police or things of that nature…” Beatty said.