Kansas committee discusses cybersecurity and technology

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The Joint Committee on Information Technology met to discuss cybersecurity and technology in Kansas.

The two-day meeting is to pinpoint challenges and possible future changes to the state’s technology system.

In previous years, the Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) has been struggling to meet the needs of the Kansas Government. This has made some state agencies wary of using the OITS service.

It is not required for agencies to use OITS but an audit for consolidation was discussed at the meeting.

In OITS three-year strategic plan, they say they need:

  • Modernized software
  • Improved data governance and sharing
  • Increased availability and access to IT services for all agencies
  • Improved ability to recruit and retain IT staff
  • Strengthen overall security

One of the main concerns of the joint committee is cybersecurity across the state to protect, not only the Kansas government, but also the public.

“It has been, in the past, I don’t think taken as seriously as it needs to be, I mean for years, decades probably,” said Rep. Kyle Hoffman (R) the Chair of the Joint Committee on Information Technology. “We’re doing the best we can to make sure that their information is secure, that they send to the government.”

The committee will continue to hear needs and plans from other state agencies. The Kansas Information Security Office will present updates on cybersecurity as well.

The joint committee will make suggestions at the end of the meeting. From there, a report will be made and presented to the legislature next session.

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