Kansas Farmers Union holds convention in Lawrence

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – Farmers are trying to make sure the agriculture industry that they work in is sustainable going forward.

The Kansas Farmers Union held its state convention in Lawrence on Wednesday and Thursday.

Members said they’re concerned about the high number of people leaving rural america and heading for cities.

They’re discussing how the history of farm bills and government programs have impacted how many people are staying on the farm.

Speakers said that many farmers have been hurt by national policies, especially in the last three decades.

“Contributing more to difficulty and depopulation of rural America and exodus of farms, and farms getting bigger, and so is that a good thing? Well, pure economists would probably say yes, but is it good for the community, is it good rural quality of life, is it good for your children or your grandchildren, and I would argue no,” said Donn Teske, the president of the Kansas Farmers Union.

Teske said the convention is a way to figure out the best ways to make sure people are thriving as farmers.

“We like to explore things out of the comfort zone, so we like to look at unique opportunities,” Teske said.

Members discussed climate change, hemp farming, healthcare, and previewed the legislative session.

Members also developed the group’s policies and voted on new leadership at the convention.

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