TOPEKA (KSNT) – After Governor Laura Kelly’s State of the State address Tuesday, Republicans say they have “high hopes” for the legislative session, but urge Kelly to stand behind her “middle ground” approach.

Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson responded on behalf of the Kansas GOP in a recorded video prior to the State of the State Jan. 11.

A portion of the response highlighted the plan outlined by the Kansas GOP in its “A Better Way” legislative agenda.

Masterson says there are several issues impacting Kansas, and they hope Governor Kelly will abandon what he calls the radical approach of Kansas Democrats and collaborate with the Republican party on issues including tax issues and school choice.

The GOP says they also hope to remain fiscally responsible and resist the urge to overspend government funds, as well as institute restrictions on abortion and transgender athletes.

In the response, Masterson acknowledged Kelly’s campaign promises, but noted Kelly’s accomplishments were a result of Republican cooperation.  

“The governor made repeated claims that she worked from the middle, and claimed many victories,” Masterson said. “Of course the nature of our divided government means any bill that reaches her desk, only does so with Republican effort, meaning full victories, all began with Republicans. Regardless of the attempt to take credit, I’m optimistic we will find common ground.”

Masterson said the Kansas Republican Party is also “committed to putting the people of Kansas first, and the party plans to deliver results—not rhetoric, this legislative session.”