TOPEKA, (KSNT)— Kansas Republicans voted against a motion to bring a 0% food sales tax bill to the floor on Tuesday.

Representative Jim Gartner, a Democrat from Topeka, made a motion to bring the food sales tax bill, HB 2487, to the floor for debate.

All democrats and ten republicans voted to bring the bill above the line for discussion on Tuesday. However, it was struck down by the majority of GOP members in a vote of 48-74.

Democratic leaders are keeping hope alive to move forward with Governor Laura Kelly’s “Axe the Food Tax” plan, as state revenue continues to present record highs.

“Thank you to the 10 Republicans who put politics aside and voted with all 38 Democrats present for the good of the people. We will work with them to keep pressing for a 0% state food tax. We can afford it, Kansans need it, and it’s our job. We’re not finished trying to axe the food tax yet.”

House Democratic Leader Tom Sawyer

On Tuesday, Senator Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, also made a motion to bring a Senate version of the governor’s plan to the floor. The Senate will take a vote on the motion Wednesday, which could lead to a floor debate if it passes.

Another GOP-backed plan passed out of a House and Senate Tax conference committee in April is still up for discussion. The plan advocates a gradual reduction of the food sales tax, dropping to 4% starting next year, 2% the following year, then completely dropping off in 2025. Some democrats spoke out against the plan, in committee.

Despite an increase in state revenue, Republicans have cited plans to spend responsibly with concerns of sending the state into a “tailspin” in upcoming years.

“We want to take a look at the out years and the longevity and make sure we’re not going too far too fast,” said Republican House Tax committee chair Rep. Adam Smith, speaking with Kansas Capitol Bureau in January. ”…I’m trying to act on it with caution, and make sure that we’re being responsible.”