MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Governor Laura Kelly has announced a new statewide energy plan Thursday at the Kansas Renewable Energy Conference in Manhattan.

The plan will create more jobs and save Kansans money, while also helping the environment.

This plan will work to lower electricity prices for Kansas residents and provide them with more options for electricity.

“We know that the energy future is changing, that there are more options for residents in regard to wind energy, solar energy, and battery storage on its way,” said Jessica Lucas, a representative for the Clean Energy Business Council. “So we’re very pleased that the governor has shown and taken leadership on this issue.”

Kansas currently possesses regulations that make it much more expensive and difficult for Kansas residents to install solar energy.

Due to these regulations, many solar installers are doing business in Missouri and other states with more favorable solar regulations.

Over the past decade, electricity rates in Kansas have increased significantly, Lucas noted.

“They (renewable energy) really have a significant economic impact and are benefitting a lot of communities across the state of Kansas and creating jobs,” according to Randi Tveitaraas Jack, the Department of Commerce Renewable Energy Coordinator.

Ford County has recently installed six wind farms, and has had positive outcomes on the communities and creating jobs, according to Joann Knight, executive director of the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation.

Knight encourages other smaller communities in Kansas to highly consider wind energy.

Kansas is currently the fifth state in the U.S. for having wind energy in operation, and is one of the top states for the potential to grow, according to Tveitaraas Jack.