TOPEKA, (KSNT)- Kansas Governor Laura Kelly weighed in on an ongoing discussion over abortion rights in the state. The governor indicated that she expects the issue to be a topic in next year’s session, in an interview Wednesday.

“I will be going into my 19th legislative session, and I can’t think of one where that issue did not come up for at least discussion, if not debate and vote, so I fully expect that this 19th session will be no different than the last 18,” Gov. Kelly said.

Newly elected Republican Kansas House Speaker, Representative Dan Hawkins, said that he “can’t stop” abortion bills from being introduced. He said “we’ll see those.”

However, the new Democratic Minority Leader, Representative Vic Miller, said Hawkins’ comments are “not in touch” with the people of Kansas, following a historic vote in August. Nearly 60% of voters in Kansas voted to uphold abortion rights in the Primary.

It will be up to Republican leaders to decide whether the legislation moves forward.

Gov. Kelly responded to questions about whether lawmakers should give the abortion issue “a rest,” after the Primary vote.

“That’s really up for them to decide… what I think I would do versus what they would do, are often two different things,” Kelly said.