TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A new year means new marijuana legalization bills in the Kansas legislature.

On Wednesday, a medical marijuana bill was introduced with the support of the Kansas Cannabis Industry Association.

Kansas is one of 14 states without legal access to medical marijuana.

Supporters said they are confident enough lawmakers would support the bill if it was voted on. They said the bill would implement a regulated system, making sure the product is safe and tax is collected.

Spencer Duncan, Executive Director of the Kansas Cannabis Industry Association, said he thinks the bill may help boost the economy.

“We don’t want to miss the economic benefits of that, but we also don’t want to miss the true benefits that have been discovered as other states have gotten into it, and that we’ve heard from people firsthand even here in Kansas that have used it in other states and that’s the number one priority,” Duncan said. “Helping people get medical access to something that clearly has a beneficial effect.”

As the cannabis controversy continues, Duncan said medical marijuana legalization is on the table but he just wants to get something passed.