Kansas lawmakers push for more oversight for children and seniors

Capitol Bureau

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Kansas lawmakers are pushing for more oversight over child neglect and elder abuse cases. Lawmakers passed two bills out of committee, providing coordinated task forces to monitor each area in a hearing, Monday.

This comes after lawmakers said they’ve seen issues arise in both areas from lack of attention and care.

“I think something we often struggle with is not growing government, and yet having government that oversees the concerns that are there, and I think we met a good balance with the two things that the committee worked today,” said Representative Charlotte Esau, R-Olathe, vice-chair of the Children and Seniors committee.

Lawmakers passed House Bill 2114, establishing the Kansas senior care task force, and House Bill 2115, establishing the joint committee on child welfare system oversight.

Groups of lawmakers would meet frequently to make sure these crimes are getting proper attention from the state.

Recent issues have risen in both areas, which include childcare workers allegedly falsifying documentation of child visits.

“It’s an opportunity for us outside of session to be able to dig a little deeper into some of those issues,” said committee chair, Representative Susan Concannon, R-Beloit.

Both bills will now move to the House floor to be voted on.

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