TOPEKA (KSNT)— Kansas lawmakers have officially passed legislation banning gender affirming care for minors. 

The Senate voted 23 to 12 to approve Senate Bill 26 early Friday morning, as lawmakers debated bills during an overnight session. The House also voted 70 to 52 to approve the bill, which now goes to the Governor’s desk. 

Some Republicans argued that gender reassignment services come with harmful side effects for children.

“What happens here is when a child is confused of what is their gender, then gender reassignment clinics will often prescribe puberty blockers…and then after that cross-sex hormones… and after that possibly surgery… the side effects can be sterilization, permanent voice changes, cardiovascular problems… and we all know that children change their minds,” said Rep. Susan Humphries, R-Wichita.

The proposal would create the Kansas Child Mutilation Prevention Act, allowing an individual who had gender reassignment service performed as a child to bring a civil cause of action under the Act against the physician who performed such service. 

The bill prohibits doctors from providing gender reassignment services for minors in the state, and it would also require the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts to revoke the license of a physician who performed a childhood gender reassignment service.

While some Republicans are backing the bill, democrats argue that it’s another GOP-led attack on transgender youth in the state.

Representative Lindsay Vaughn, held back tears, as she made an emotional speech on the House floor.

“When will we stop attacking trans kids? Where will we draw the line? Because people are dying, trans kids are dying… Gender-affirming care saves lives,” Vaughn said.

If the Governor vetoes the bill, the Senate would need 27 votes to override the veto and the House would need 84 votes.