TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Governor’s Council on Tax Reform met again Tuesday to further discuss ideas for a better state tax policy for Kansas.

The council spent today learning and understanding the history of the tax policy in a way to better create a future tax policy.

“We’re having a very enjoyable time learning and working together and hopefully we come out with some good policy for the governor,” said former Sen. Janis Lee, co-chair of the council.

Another topic on the agenda was Senate Bill 22, which was passed last year and then vetoed by Governor Kelly.

The bill reduced the state sales tax by one percent for certain foods. It also would have stopped Kansas from collecting almost $500 million in revenue over the course of three years.

“Unfortunately, Senate Bill 22 would absolutely dismantle all the progress we’ve made. It would throw our state once again into a self-inflicted budget crisis, diminishing all the investments we’ve worked so hard to rebuild and restore,” Kelly said in a statement. “It would put our future at risk once again in order to give significant tax breaks to entities who need them the least, while continuing to leave working families behind.”

Lee said it is important for the council to understand the overall history of the state tax policies, as well as the current policy.

The council will meet again Wednesday to discuss the recent tax policy created by the Department of Revenue.

This policy charges any out-of-state businesses selling to persons in Kansas with state and local sales tax. These are businesses such as Amazon and Etsy.

This policy has been debated recently by both parties after Attorney General Derek Schmidt called it illegal.

“It certainly is important for the council to understand the importance of taxing out-of-state entities just as we tax entities when we’re looking at what they sell into our state,” Lee said. “It’s fairness for our in-state businesses.”

The council will also discuss future plans Wednesday, including research to help reform the state tax policies.