TOPEKA, (KSNT)— Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson has drafted a new bill to challenge President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for private businesses.

The Republican senator’s bill would allow employees to submit a written waiver request to an employer, public or private, to opt out of vaccination.

During the meeting, Senator Masterson referred to President Biden’s mandate as “garbage.”

“Putting someone else in the place of God isn’t that place to be,” Senator Masterson said. “What we’re trying to get to is the core of someone’s first amendment rights and freedom of religion.”

Under President Biden’s executive order, employers with 100 employees or more must require that employees get fully vaccinated by January 4 as a condition of employment.

Masterson discussed the bill with other lawmakers during a Government Overreach Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Under the proposal, employees could submit a waiver request stating that complying with the coronavirus vaccine requirement would endanger their life or health or that of someone who resides with them, or violate sincerely held religious beliefs.

The employer would then have to grant the exemption requested. An employee “aggrieved” by a violation of this section may bring a civil action in an appropriate district court against an employer by damages caused by such violation.

Watch the full meeting below: