TOPEKA (KSNT) – After Kansas sports betting revenue plunged in February, the state’s cut spiked to more than $911,000 in March.

The Kansas Lottery released its latest revenue report on Wednesday, detailing the numbers for last month.

According to Lottery officials, in March, net revenues from sports betting were a little over $9.11 million. The state gets a 10% cut, bringing in $911,159. That’s a drastic change from February, when the state’s cut was only $1,134.

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Kansas Capitol Bureau spoke with Lottery spokesman Cory Throne on Wednesday. Throne said February’s numbers could be linked to the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win. While, the major sporting event drove up bets, it also cost the state a few hundred thousand dollars when bets were paid out. 

Throne said the spike in March could be attributed to interest in NCAA tournaments that took place.

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“College basketball tournaments and things like that are very popular as well, especially when home town teams are highly ranked and very competitive, and so it was just a lot of interest in the NCAA tournaments,” Throne said.

Kansas sports betting revenue has varied from month-to-month since the state legalized sports betting in September last year, which means the state’s cut can also vary. 

The revenue report for April is expected to come out last month.