TOPEKA, (KSNT)—Kansas lawmakers are expected to make a final move on their sports betting plan Thursday night.

The Kansas senate is poised to take up the plan, after the House signed off on the latest changes in a 73-49 vote. Sen. Rob Olson, a republican from Olathe, who is carrying the bill, SB 84, in the Senate, said he’s hoping to cross the finish line in getting a plan passed.

“We’re going to be able to hopefully get this going to the governor’s desk, which I believe she’ll sign and we’ll have this into law, and Kansans will be able to bet right here in Kansas on sporting events,” Olson said.

Senate Bill 84 legalizes sports betting in the state, and also establishes a fund to attract professional sports teams. This comes as there’s been talks of a potential Kansas City Chiefs move. Lawmakers are hoping to incentivize major teams to come to Kansas.

Olson said the bill could open up big opportunities for the state, like national sporting events.

“If you had a football team in Western Wyandotte county, how many places would have a football team, a world class soccer team, casino, a speedway, and all the shopping amenities, and minor league baseball…in just that geographical area…,” Olson said.

“That would be the kind of destination that would have a Super Bowl, and when you have a Super Bowl, all the money that would be spent in that local area…it would generate a lot,” Olson said.