TOPEKA, (KSNT)- The Kansas State Troopers Association (KSTA) is calling out the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) administration for attempting to decertify an officer, who was terminated after testifying in favor of another trooper earlier this year.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the association shared a letter from KSCPOST (Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training) in response to former Lieutenant Bryce Whelpley.

The letter stated that an official communication complaint investigated by CPOST was presented to the Commission Investigative Committee on October 19, 2022. According to the letter, the committee “took no action” on Whelpley’s law enforcement certification, which means that it will remain intact.

In February, Whelpley testified in favor of another trooper, who filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the KHP.

Whelpley was terminated shortly after testifying. His Civil Service Board hearing, which was originally scheduled for September, is set for early December.

KSTA’s Facebook post blasted KHP superintendent Colonel Herman Jones and “his friends” for taking steps to decertify Whelpley.

“It wasn’t enough for Colonel Herman Jones and his friends to fire Lieutenant Whelpley for providing honest testimony about the issues facing the Kansas Highway Patrol. In truly vindictive fashion, they leveled baseless accusations against him in an attempt to strip him of his law enforcement certification. Thankfully, the Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training saw things for how they are, and a good man remains able to answer a lifelong calling of service.
The erroneous terminations of Trooper Dobler, Lieutenant Whelpley, and two good majors are just one example of why Bryce’s testimony was accurate. The civil suits for sexual harassment brought against Jones by MULTIPLE former and current KHP employees is another. The dismal state of morale among our members, and KHP’s hemorrhaging of good officers while failing to recruit their replacements, yet another.
During all of this, Laura Kelly has doubled down on terrible ideas and said Herman Jones is still ‘The right man for the job.’ We could not disagree more.”

Kansas State Troopers Association