TOPEKA, (KSNT)— A proposal from the Kansas High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) could change how the state’s public and private schools compete.

The proposal sets up a “multiplier” factor for determining classification for private schools in the post-season.

Jeremy Holaday, Assistant Executive Director for KSHSAA, said the plan is based on “success.” He said surveys indicate that private schools in the state tend to win championships at a higher rate than public schools.

“Surveys and data and other things of that nature have pointed toward that private schools win state championships at a rate that does not equal the amount of percentage that they are in the membership, so they tend to win championships at a greater number,” Holaday told Kansas Capitol Bureau in an interview on Tuesday.

“If a private school were to reach a certain number of championships in a five year period, then that would trigger a one-point plus factor to their classification enrollment number,” Holaday explained.

KSHSAA’s board of directors passed the proposal with a vote of 43-21. The plan amends a statute in the state constitution that requires KSHSAA to group schools in the post-season based on student attendance.

Holaday said that the proposal would apply to the group’s 27 private school members. In addition to attendance, competing teams would be subject to a multiplier factor based on school location, socio-economic status, and the amount of championships won over the last 5 years. The next step will be seeking approval from the state’s Board of Education.

The Board will receive the proposal at Wednesday morning. If it’s approved, it would then be referred to the Legislature for next year’s session. Holaday said classification has been an ongoing debate in Kansas high school sports. He said while some private schools have been receptive of the proposal, there have been mixed reactions from others.

“They don’t really see it as fair that just because some schools are successful…we may not be as successful, so why would we be quote-on-quote ‘punished’ by playing up,” Holaday explained. “Which is a good reason why the success factor is the number one criteria, and if that success factor doesn’t get met, then the other factors don’t even apply.”

For the full KSHSAA proposal, click here.