Lawmakers consider banning vaccine passports in Kansas

Capitol Bureau

TOPEKA (KSNT) – With rumors of requiring people to have coronavirus vaccine passports for certain things like traveling or to get into a sporting event or concert, some Kansas lawmakers are looking to make sure they’re not required here.

Legislators are in the early stages of developing a proposal of how to prevent documentation being required that certifies a person has a coronavirus shot or has tested negative. House and Senate members are working on a compromise trying to decide what to put in the bill.

One option stops government agencies in Kansas from issuing vaccine passports. It would also prevent places from banning people from public places such as housing and schools without a coronavirus shot.

Some lawmakers said having vaccine passports would be a step in the wrong direction as we get out of the pandemic.

“There’s a strong hue and cry out there among the rank and file that our freedoms have been infringed and that there’s only so far that we need to go and this kind of puts brakes on some of that,” said McPherson Senator Rick Wilborn.

The proposal would make people pay $5,000 for each violation of the potential law.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has also previously said that she doesn’t have any interest in requiring vaccine passports in Kansas.

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