TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas lawmakers voted to reject a bill to legalize sports-betting in the state.

The House voted down the measure, with 40 voting in favor and 77 against the bill.

The bill did not pass to final action, so it could come back up in the House or go to committee.

Watch the Kansas House debate the bill below:

The bill would have allowed Kansans to place bets online with their phones or computers, as well as in-person at lottery retailers and casinos.

Supporters in the Kansas House said if passed, betting Kansans wouldn’t be the only ones potentially winning because of the bill.

“This would generate revenue for what we could use for services that are very important in Kansas, like funding our public schools, and social services that Kansans rely on,” said Rep. Brandon Woodard, (D) Lenexa.

The Kansas Senate already passed a separate sports betting bill, and the Kansas House’s version advances after more than a month of debate. If the House bill passes, the two legislative branches would need to compare and contrast the two bills to form one they can agree on.