TOPEKA, (KSNT)— Legalizing medical marijuana in Kansas seems to have stalled once again this year.

Senate Bill 12, a joint plan from the House and Senate to legalize medical marijuana in the state, is still in committee.

According to Mike Pirner, a spokesman for Senate Leadership, it’s not likely that it will gain traction when lawmakers return May 23 to wrap up this year’s legislative session.

“Given we plan to only be there one day, it’s unlikely that work could be completed on that item,” Pirner told Kansas Capitol Bureau in an email Monday.

Lawmakers are still in the early stages of carving out a plan, as session comes to a close. Before adjourning last month, the first conference committee meeting was held to go over differences in the House proposal and Senate proposal.

At the time, Sen. Rob Olson, R-Olathe, who chairs the Senate Fed and State committee, said the conference committee is working to draft a bill to pass both chambers.

“I believe the votes are in both chambers but to find that right mix that’s right for Kansas…,” Olson said.

So far, a second meeting on the bill has not yet been scheduled. There’s also several differences House and Senate members would need to address before reaching a final agreement to bring it to the floor. This includes everything from licensing agreements to how products are advertised.

The House bill lays out a detailed plan for advertisements, which would require warnings for pregnant women and individuals with psychiatric or emotional disorders. It also would not allow advertisements within 10 miles of highways that cross the state line, and wouldn’t allow the price of products to be displayed on billboards.

Also, unlike the House proposal, the Senate bill specifies a minimum and maximum square footage for growing facilities.