TOPEKA (KSNT) – The fight to legalize marijuana in Kansas has fallen flat once again as the legislature wraps up its 2022 session with no major decisions made on marijuana legislation.

May 23 marks the final day that the Kansas legislature comes together for the 2022 session. No sign of any major announcements regarding the passage of marijuana-related legislation has been heard except for a statement given by Senator Robert Olson (R), Chair of the Federal and State Affairs committee, which met for the last time this session at 10:30 a.m.

Olson put out a statement apologizing for the lack of action regarding marijuana legislation during 2022.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy load of the committee, I regret and take responsibility for not getting this measure across the finish line this session. I am proud of what has been accomplished since the beginning of this session, but not convinced that we have been able to fully take into account all the complexities presented by all the potential patients, experts (medial, law enforcement, industry, etc.) and agencies that will be responsible to regulate the recommendation, cultivation, production, distribution and safe consumption of substances that come from the cannabis plant.

Sen. Robert Olson

Olson ended his statement by saying that he is looking forward to working over the summer months to create a “near complete product” that will be ready to be sent to the House and the Senate for approval.