TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs made two recommendations regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in Kansas.

The first recommendation would make Kansas a safe harbor for visitors from other states where medical marijuana is legal. For example, if a person with a prescription and an I.D. from a legal state was found with marijuana, they could not be charged or fined.

The second recommendation will move forward the process to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas. The committee recommended that the state consider following the law set by Ohio, which includes stipulations such as only allowing patients a 90-day supply of marijuana. This would also prohibit smoking marijuana; only products like pills, edibles and salves or creams would be allowed.

Chair of the Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs, Representative John Barker, also added a stipulation that it would be the responsibility of the patient to keep their marijuana secure.

“If Kansas should pass medical marijuana, there should be safeguards and responsibilities on the one who gets the prescription to safeguard it from children, because that’s a problem in Colorado,” says Rep. Barker.

The safe harbor recommendation will move on to the Judiciary Committee while the legalization recommendation will be brought up once session starts in January.