TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new poll shows 47% of Kansans will vote for former President Donald Trump if he faces President Biden in the 2024 election. And their support is unwavering.

The poll, conducted by Emerson College Polling, shows Trump’s support is highest among Kansas men, where he leads 50% to 29%. Women in Kansas support Trump 44% to 32%.

Overall, 47% of those polled said they’d vote for Trump, 31% for President Biden, 16% for someone else and 6% were undecided.

“A plurality of both Biden and Trump voters cannot think of anything their candidate could do or say in the next several months that would make them choose not to support them for president in 2024,” the researchers noted.

As for the 2016 election, 61% of Kansans think Trump won the election and 14% think it was stolen. In 2020, 48% of Kansans think President Biden won the election and 37% think it was stolen.

The poll also asked Kansans if they approved of President Biden’s performance and 58% said they disapproved, 27% approved and 15% were neutral.

Gov. Laura Kelly, D-Kansas, fared better. She received a 39% approval rating. While 30% disapproved, 31% were neutral.

The full poll results can be found by clicking here.