TOPEKA, (KSNT)— As a statewide vote on abortion rights in Kansas approaches, one lawmaker is introducing a bill virtually banning the procedure.

House Bill 2746, prohibits most abortion procedures, except under certain circumstances. According to Section E, line 6, of the bill, this includes saving the life or preserving the life of an unborn child, cases where death is caused by a miscarriage or stillbirth, and in certain cases where the mother’s life is threatened.

The bill was officially introduced to the House committee on Federal and State Affairs on Tuesday, after a request for introduction earlier this month from Representative Trevor Jacobs, a republican from Fort Scott.

Kansas Rep. Trevor Jacobs, R-Fort Scott, speaks in opposition to sports gambling bill that passed House Wednesday, March 30, 2022. In Jacobs’ speech he points to shift in the state’s Republican party. (KSNT)

While Jacobs has not responded to an interview request from Kansas Capitol Bureau, he did make comments on the House floor referencing the changing values of the Republican party Wednesday, shortly after a sports gambling bill was passed.

“As Republicans, we believe that strong societies rest on strong and stable families…we’ve passed marijuana, alcohol bills, gambling…we’ve pushed the envelope ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the new Republican party,” Jacobs said siding with opponents on the recently passed bill.

Abortion in Kansas is currently legal.

However, under the proposal, punishment for an unlawful abortion could lead to a minimum of about thirteen years of jail time for people without a prior record. Ultimately, if the bill were enacted, it would be left to the court to determine its constitutionality.

This comes as a pivotal vote on a constitutional amendment addressing the right to an abortion nears. In August, voters will determine whether to allow abortions to be regulated, with the “Value Them Both” amendment on the ballot.

A vote in favor of the amendment would allow lawmakers the right to pass laws to regulate abortion, stating that there is “no Kansas constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion.” However, a vote against the amendment would keep in place the right to an abortion upheld in 2019.