TOPEKA (KSNT) – A bill that would have let parents “inspect any materials, activities, curriculum, lessons, syllabi, surveys, tests, questionnaires, examinations, books, magazines, handouts, professional development and training materials and any other materials or activities that are provided to the parent’s child,” has died in the Kansas House of Representatives.

On Tuesday the Kansas Senate overrode Governor Laura Kelly’s veto 24-to 15, to send Senate Bill 496 to the Kansas House of Representatives.

Unable to get the two-thirds majority to override the Governor’s veto in the House of Representatives the bill will not go forward. The House voted 72-50.

The effect would be that parents would have had the right to challenge any material or educational material of any book. If the challenge is successful the challenge, as outlined by the bill, it could have meant the removal of the book, magazine, or material from the school.