Protesters disperse from inside Kansas Statehouse

Capitol Bureau

Editor’s Note: The initial version of this breaking news story indicated supporters of President Trump breached the Kansas Capitol. There was no breach. The highway patrol said the group had a permit to protest inside the building. The protest happened simultaneously to a riot at the nation’s capitol that also involved supporters of Trump.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Protesters have moved into the Kansas Statehouse, KSNT News’ Capitol Bureau confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

Happening at the same time as protesters forcing the U.S. House and Senate into recess in Washington D.C., eyewitness reports at 1:40 p.m. confirm a group of Trump supporters gathered inside the first floor of Topeka’s capitol rotunda. While the D.C. protests turned violent, KSNT’s Capitol Bureau confirmed the local protesters remained peaceful.

Capitol police are waited in the building beside them. A security guard noted that the protesters were allowed to be inside the rotunda area. About 50 people gathered on the first floor, while a few others dispersed to other parts of the statehouse. Some protesters said they moved inside to continue the rally in protest of President-elect Joe Biden’s win, and voiced their concerns about the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

(KSNT Photo/Molly Patt)

“We know the election was stolen, and we are standing with our president Donald J. Trump to let our voices be heard, and to give him strength to do the right thing,” said Sean McCoy, a veteran who led chants during the rally.

(KSNT Photo/Rebekah Chung)

While claims of election fraud have been disputed, some Trump supporters said they will continue to protest until they see action taken on the results of the presidential election.

(KSNT Photo/Rebekah Chung)

Some protesters said they will be gathering again on Saturday at the Kansas State Capitol.

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