TOPEKA (KSNT) – Republican lawmakers in Kansas are responding to the Biden administration’s recent announcement to help Americans get rid of some or all of their student debt.

President Joe Biden announced “targeted student debt cancellation” on Wednesday to help “borrowers at highest risk of delinquencies or default once payments resume.” Up to 43 million borrowers are expected to receive relief, with around 20 million having all of their student debt erased, according to the White House.

The U.S. Department of Education also weighed-in on the announcement, saying that nearly eight million borrowers may qualify for relief automatically based on the income data the department already has.

This news was not met kindly by some Kansas Republicans who railed against the announcement on social media and other mediums on Wednesday. Kansas Representative Ron Estes gave out the following statement in a press release:

“Thanks to destructive Democrat policies, Kansans are losing $8,761 per year to Bidenflation, will pay higher taxes for the so-called Inflation Reduction Act and are now paying off others’ college debt,” said Estes. “This election-year gimmick does nothing for Kansans who worked through school to avoid debt, took side jobs to pay off loans early after graduating or chose to invest in other career paths outside of a four-year degree.”

Kansas Attorney General and Governor candidate Derek Schmidt took to Facebook to give voice to his own thoughts on the White House announcement.

“The party of Joe Biden and Laura Kelly today laid out their plan to make YOU, the hardworking taxpayer, pay back $300 billion in other people’s student loans,” Schmidt wrote. “So shameless to buy votes like this – and so unfair to families and students who paid their own way, like by joining the military to pay for college. Plus they want 87,000 new taxpayer-funded IRS agents to audit you. They just don’t get it – Kansas families are struggling and the government just keeps spending more and more.”

Congressman Jake LaTurner also took to Facebook in response to the student loan forgiveness plan.

“This is a reckless political stunt,” LaTurner wrote. “Kansans who worked hard for years to pay off their loans, or decided not to take out loans in the first place, will now be forced to foot the bill for Joe Biden’s $300 billion bailout. How is that fair?”