Senate candidates using TV ads to get their messages across

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – With less than six weeks until the August primary in Kansas, political ads are taking over more channels on your TV.

There are 11 Republican candidates running for retiring Senator Pat Roberts’ seat. Some of them are turning to television to get the attention of Kansas voters.

Four candidates still running have appeared in a Kansas Republican Party debate.

Kansas City plumber, Bob Hamilton is covering the airwaves with ads, and Congressman Roger Marshall is buying a lot of air time too.

Political analyst Bob Beatty said that TV time could play a bigger role this year with more people staying at home.

“Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, I think that TV ads are becoming even more important,” Beatty said. “It’s kind of funny because a few years ago, everybody said, ‘oh the TV ad is dead, it’ll all go digital,’ that is not the case. TV ads are becoming just as important as they’ve always been.”

Beatty said former Secretary of State Kris Kobach hasn’t had as many TV ads and could be counting on his name recognition. Former Chiefs’ player Dave Lindstrom also isn’t keeping up with the amount Hamilton and Marshall are spending on ads.

Beatty said if a candidate wants to have an advertisement make a difference, they have to have the money and be willing to spend it.

“Research has shown that it takes numerous viewings for an ad to make an impact on a viewer, that’s a problem for candidates, because that means they have to pay for numerous viewings,” he said.

The August primary will take place on Tuesday, August 4.

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