TOPEKA (KSNT) – In the aftermath of the Kansas Legislature overturning Governor Laura Kelly’s veto for controversial redistricting legislation, one Republican senator appears to have been snubbed.

On Thursday, it was revealed that three Republican Senators appeared to have been reprimanded by Senate President Ty Masterson for not voting in favor of overriding Kelly’s veto decision on Feb. 3. For Senator Mark Steffen, R-Hutchinson, he not only was removed from one committee and lost his position as the Vice-Chairman on another, but he was also rebuffed when legislation that he was backing was sent back to its committee abruptly by Masterson shortly after the veto override passed on Feb. 8.

While Steffen did initially vote against the veto override, he later switched his vote to a ‘yes’ and helped the Republicans in the senate achieve their 27-11 supermajority. Senate leadership was accused of making backroom deals to get more senators to back the veto override, with one of these deals possibly including legislation backed by Steffen dealing with Ivermectin use as a way to treat COVID-19.

The bill was removed from the Senate calendar and returned to its committee this week. While Steffen has not tied his vote to the fast-tracked bill, he does acknowledge that an “agreement” was reached.

“The maps are a hot button topic,” Steffen said. “Early COVID-treatment is a hot button topic. And, it kind of brought players from both sides of those issues to talk and we made progress on both sides and got the ball moving.”

Masterson said in a statement that the decision to remove the three Republicans from some of their committees and committee positions was done to “maintain unity in the caucus.”