TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Small businesses in Kansas are slowly but surely showing growth.

The House Committee on Small Business met with representatives from the state to discuss what is going well and what needs owners have.

While business owners are experiencing growth in the state, they are still looking for ways to cut down on costs associated with things like employee healthcare and taxes.

One major issue for Kansas business owners is finding skilled workers.

“Most of the net new jobs in any time frame comes from small businesses, it’s not the larger ones. Yes, the large companies they add employees but they also lose employees,” said Alan Cobb, President & CEO of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. “So the net job growth comes from small business so it’s important that the state policymakers continue to look at what can they do to increase and improve the business climate in Kansas.”

Cobb said that local businesses and universities should partner to make sure students are being properly trained, which will allow new employees the ability to qualify for higher-paying jobs.