State Board of Education talks student success at Kansas Health Institute

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The state’s top education leaders are working to help students reach their full potential, and they said it begins with good health.

The Kansas Board of Education held Wednesday’s meeting at the Kansas Health Institute. Members learned about healthy lifestyles and their impact on education.

Two years ago the board announced a new goal of leading the world in the success of each student. Members said that means more than just teaching in the classroom.

They said it also includes social and emotional growth, greater independence and other health factors.

“The state board has been talking specifically about vaping and the impact, and really the growing epidemic in young people that are vaping, and that’s just a subsection of how health and education are intertwined,” said Randy Watson, commission of education for the state.

Robert St. Peter, president at the Kansas Health Institute, said keeping students eating right, off drugs, and stress-free are important for learning.

“Healthy kids are able to learn better,” St. Peter said.

He said education also works the other way around.

“Children who become well-educated adults are able to be more in control of their health as they get older,” St. Peter said.

He pointed to data that shows that with more education, students are more likely to get a good job and quality healthcare.

St. Peter also said schools should also be aware of things like income, race, and where students live and how it impacts children.

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