TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – If you’re looking for some help paying rent, don’t delay. There isn’t much time left to apply for thousands of dollars in assisstance.

$20 million from federal CARES Act money is being used to help Kansans stay in their homes. Approved applicants are receiving nearly $2,500 per household. And there’s still money left to be given out.

If you think you could be eligible because you have lost income during the pandemic, you need to apply by the end of day on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

The Kansas Eviction Protection Program is ran by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation. Already more than 7,000 people have applied for assistance totaling $18.5 million.

Though you can’t currently be evicted for falling behind in payments due to effects from the pandemic, that federal protection runs out at the end of the year. This money would go to your landlord to help cut down the months of missed payments that could be piling up.

“The resource is here now, there’s a recognition that the need’s going to continue, and hopefully Congress, the state will identify any other resources that are out there to help tenants and landlords, said Ryan Vincent, executive director for the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation. “But until then, this is our chance to at least meet some immediate short term need.”

Vincent said many Kansans are looking for help.

“The need is very real, and just a few minutes at our office of hearing the stories of the people impacted by this devastating pandemic and knowing their stories and knowing what’s at risk for their livelihood and their families’ livelihood, it’s very meaningful to have something to address that need now,” Vincent said. “We’re so hopeful we’ll have something to address that need going forward.”

The money, like all CARES Act dollars, has to be spent by the end of the year. The rental months of April through December are eligible to be covered.