TOPEKA (KSNT)— U.S. Senator Roger Marshall is urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine after some reports show a slow down in people receiving vaccinations in Kansas.

Marshall spoke with Kansas’ Capitol Bureau on Thursday, addressing vaccine hesitancy in the state.

“We could all wear three masks, and wash our hands every 30 seconds, but until we get our vaccinations, it’s not going to make a difference,” Marshall said.

About three-quarters of Kansas counties have turned down new shipments of the coronavirus vaccine at least once over the past month as demand slows, according to an Associated Press report on Wednesday.

The report shows that six counties have rejected allocations for four straight weeks, 33 for one week, 26 for two weeks, and 16 for three weeks. Only 24 counties, mostly larger ones such as Shawnee, Johnson, and Sedgwick, haven’t turned down any shipments.

The slowdown is coming even though just 37% of the state’s residents have received at least one vaccine dose.

Marshall said getting vaccinated plays an important role in herd immunity, so life can return to normal.

“I honestly think that by not getting the vaccine, and getting the virus, that the long-term potential complications of the virus outweigh any type of hesitancy toward that,” he said. “I get it some people are just in general hesitant of getting vaccinated. Maybe there’s some misinformation online as well.”

The senator is encouraging people that are worried about getting vaccinated to talk to their doctor and pharmacists to learn more about coronavirus vaccines.