Universities across Kansas teach students how to ‘adult’

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – Millennials and Generation Zers have received criticism from previous generations about how unprepared they are for the “real world.”

In an attempt to fix this, universities across the state are working to teach students the necessary skills by creating courses, many calling them “Adulting 101.”

Kansas State University has adapted this course after student ambassadors realized they had mastered the subject in which they were majoring, but lacked basic life skills.

“A lot of the financial side, like building good credit and other things…one of our workshops was on conflict resolution and just have those skills and learning how to deal with conflict,” Anna Capps, WellCAT ambassador and student at K-State.

These non-credit courses take place twice a month, each focusing on a new topic. The skills taught include cooking and food safety, car maintenance, and financial skills.

Courtesy of Megan Katt/Kansas State University

In many middle schools and high schools, home economics is no longer a required course, as the focus is now on what needs to be learned for standardized testing, according to Megan Katt, health educator at K-State’s Lafene Health Center.

This is leaving students that are about to become graduates unable to perform these life skills.

“This newer generation, they get a lot of animosity towards them for not knowing how to perform these basic skills,” Katt said. “If you take a step back and just look at the opportunities that weren’t there for them that maybe the older generations did experience…a lot of the focus is turned away from those things.”

K-State’s Adulting 101 course is tailored to what the students need and do not know.

Katt said the students are gracious for this opportunity, and Capps agreed they have helped prepare her for all things adulting.

Other universities teaching adulting courses include Pittsburg State University and Wichita State University.

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